adobe illustrator prep

an illustrator preparation.


more illustrator work

this is some work i did before i did live trace on the statue of liberty

adobe illustrator

This is adobe illustrator work. Notice how the picture has been modified? This is because a new feature called live trace made it work. It is interesting that such a simple feature can transform a boring picture into a fine piece of art. You can also live paint if you don’t like the picture after live trace.

learning in a technology environment

Learning in technology had been a ton of fun. I like to work on computers, and different projects on programs, with my favourite being adobe flash. This technology I have been working on can be a big benifit in university, and for the rest of my life. Illustrator was also fun. I can turn a boring, plain picture into a fine work of art in just a few simple steps. For a career, I can be a computer programmer,  a designer, or even a computer enginnerr.