adobe illustrator prep

an illustrator preparation.


more illustrator work

this is some work i did before i did live trace on the statue of liberty

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

Adobe flash has many good features to it. For example, you can create animations, videos, movies, and even games. The basics you should know are shape tween, motion tween, keyframes, and motion guide. Here’s an example of an animation.

My work#1

this is my storyboard for a commercial. The charmin ultrastrong. All details included. to see the real commercial, click here

adobe illustrator

This is adobe illustrator work. Notice how the picture has been modified? This is because a new feature called live trace¬†made it work. It is interesting that such a simple feature can transform a boring picture into a fine piece of art. You can also live paint if you don’t like the picture after live trace.