the iPod is one of the best portable music players. today’s latest iPods are the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch. For all of them, you can download music, games, photos, contact information, or even videos into the iPod. IPods range from 2GB of space to 160GB. To learn more about the iPod, click here.


iPhone 3GS

the new iPhone 3GS is out now! it is a smartphone that has a touch screen. it has a virtual keyboard to compensate for lack of physical keyboard along with many other features, such as a gps, youtube, cameras, itunes, and even calculators and other applications. the first ones have 4 and 8GB, but today, you can get some that are16GB or even 32GB. if too much moisture is on this phone, it has a sensor of whether it should undergo warrenty repair or replacement. to learn more about the iPhone, click here