Internet Explorer 8

The Internet has been a great success since it has ever started. However, today, the Internet Explorer 8 has just made websurfing better than ever. It was released March 2009 for Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, and Windows 7. There are also many toolbars that are available. For example, suggested sites that gives the user the freedom to check out related sites. Another new feature is SmartScreen Filter. SmartScreen Filter is an extension of IE7’s filter to include protection from viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, cookies, etc. To learn more about IE8, click here.



the iPod is one of the best portable music players. today’s latest iPods are the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch. For all of them, you can download music, games, photos, contact information, or even videos into the iPod. IPods range from 2GB of space to 160GB. To learn more about the iPod, click here.

windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest version of windows. Basically, it was an improvement from Windows Vista. Windows 7 also has many new features, such as a new version of Windows Media Centrer, and Windows Security Center, which was renamed to Windows Action Center. Windows 7 also includes Internet Explorer 8, and Windows Media Player 12. Some features in Windows 7 were removed that were bundled with Vista-Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Calendar, and Windows Mail. There are avaliable free in a separate package.= called Windows Live Essentials which can be found on the Microsoft website. To learn more about Windows 7, click here.

gran turismo 5

In the future, i can also become a video game designer. Video game designers is a job that requires more skill than most other jobs, to fix bugs, to write reports, to solve problems, and also to be good at math, and numbers. It will not be an easy task, but when you do finish it, it can be a huge success. Gran Turismo 5 has many new features, including 950+ cars, 35+ tracks, and even 16-player online play. The only bad thing is it has been delayed for quite a while. To learn more about the Gran Turismo 5, click here.

google phone nexus one vs iphone

The new google phone is now released! Right now the Google phone’s features are very similar to the iPhone’s features, but better. For example, the google phone is cheaper than the iphone. with a contract, the Google phone costs$179 while the iphone costs $199. The google phone also has longer battery life (7 hours) and comes with a replacement battery if the one that is inside dies out completely. To see more about the two, click here

social networking

social networking has usually been both successful and unsuccessful. People from all over the world can keep in touch with their friends, even if they have moved. Such networks, such as facebook or twitter have many good things, such as uploading photos, music, or videos. However, unsuccessful points about social networking is that someone on thoses aren’t always who they are. For example, one that reveals themself as a 16-year old girl could be a 10-year old girl, a 15-year old boy, or even a 50-year old pervert.


animoto is one of the other websites that you can post your own videos. For each video, the limit is only 30 seconds, but can be unlimited if you buy upgrades. To see information about animoto, click here

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