Technology design on cars

In the future, cars will become much better than they are today. They are being developed in order to make the cars safer, cleaner, and sustainable. Today, there are more and more hybrid cars, electric cars, and fuel cell vehicles. The energy they will use include hydrogen, electricity, and even compressed air. Many other technologies are used to improve energy efficiency. For example, the regenerative braking saves and stores energy as backup power. This is used in hybrid vehicles. Another example is Vortex prevention devices in order to reduce air resistence.


xbox 360

the xbox 360 is the second game console created by Microsoft. xbox live allows people to compete online. There are many versions of xbox 360, such as the xbox 360 elite, arcade, and ones that aren’t manufactured anymore, the xbox pro and premium. I like the xbox 360 because of its features, but for its design, was only okay. the design was not appealing, and the controllers had no chargers for the batteries. That is why the PS3 is better. Better design, better graphics, and better hardware.

gran turismo 5

In the future, i can also become a video game designer. Video game designers is a job that requires more skill than most other jobs, to fix bugs, to write reports, to solve problems, and also to be good at math, and numbers. It will not be an easy task, but when you do finish it, it can be a huge success. Gran Turismo 5 has many new features, including 950+ cars, 35+ tracks, and even 16-player online play. The only bad thing is it has been delayed for quite a while. To learn more about the Gran Turismo 5, click here.

google phone nexus one vs iphone

The new google phone is now released! Right now the Google phone’s features are very similar to the iPhone’s features, but better. For example, the google phone is cheaper than the iphone. with a contract, the Google phone costs$179 while the iphone costs $199. The google phone also has longer battery life (7 hours) and comes with a replacement battery if the one that is inside dies out completely. To see more about the two, click here

social networking

social networking has usually been both successful and unsuccessful. People from all over the world can keep in touch with their friends, even if they have moved. Such networks, such as facebook or twitter have many good things, such as uploading photos, music, or videos. However, unsuccessful points about social networking is that someone on thoses aren’t always who they are. For example, one that reveals themself as a 16-year old girl could be a 10-year old girl, a 15-year old boy, or even a 50-year old pervert.

my opinion about the design work of professionals

I believe technology designers often do a good job designing new technological devices, from the first printer to today’s iphone and video games. They also do a good job from finding and learning from their mistakes, or to improve the project.

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