learning pt5

In university, I can go to harvard to try new technology tasks, such as engineering. At Harvard, my favourite things to do is to try new things. I like to experiment with new things by trying, because I can never be sure if I like what I am doing until I try. Also, learning in technology can even develop character and communication skills, because I have to persevere in what I am doing, and also communicate with other people if I am having problems.



learning in a technology environment can even make me famous. I right now play piano, but the technology, amazingly, has even made Julia and Julie in the movie from almost unknown to the most famous people in the world. So, no matter the case, technology is useful.

learning reflections pt2

learning in a technology environment has been fun. i can study many new things, including the latest technology, or even see the history of technology. technology is what impacted the people the most, and most of all, the world. to see the newest technology news, click here